thecaseof the lost boy 

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1 The P-O-U-N-D

Christy Propst Christy’s Video

2 My Name is King

Angela Skrabec    Angela's Video

3 Stranger Danger

Wendy Stewart Wendy's video

4 Nose to the Ground

Courtney Rose Courtney’s video

5 Jelly Donut and Plain Donut

Sharon Voss Sharon's Video

6 Smells Like a Kidnapping

Janette DeVan  Janette's Video

7 What Do I Know?

Gaby Johnson Gaby's Video

8 Smells Scary

Caleb Smith  Caleb's Video

9 How to Talk Human

Dr. Jackson  Dr. Jackson's  Video

10 At the Top of the Moving Stairs

Sheri Whipple  Sheri’s Video 

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